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Ferry trip memories...

Occasionally when I look back at paintings that I did several years ago (like this one) I return to the joy and enthusiasm that engulfed me when I painted them. This oil painting of the Arnold W. Oliver caught my attention today. I worked primarily from a photograph that I took from another ferry as we passed. I almost missed the shot because I was watching a dolphin frolicking alone beside the ferry that I rode. This was early morning and the salt air I remember most refreshing and the sea gulls swooped our ferry hoping for a quick breakfast. The haze in the distance softened the colors of an almost placid Bay and the waters reflected green as they bubbled below the hull. The ferry is actually moving from viewer left to right but not faster that the wind, notice the smoke from the stack floating viewer right to left. The family near the front of the ferry focused on the same dolphin as it moved past their viewpoint. The seagull flying over the rear of the ferry was not there for real but was something I added as a design element. Looking at the painting today, I remember the reality of yesterday and cherish the memory.

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