Nothing wrong with "decorative" art... but

When I enjoy local and regional art shows and exhibits I notice a lot, in fact the majority, of what I see falls in a category that I call "decorative art." And there is noting wrong with that... "but" in a moment.

In fact, sometimes I paint in the category, the painting shown here is a recent example. I think without reading other artist's minds that painting of this nature come from an artist's desire to please. The creativity process becomes distorted by that desire to please to the extent that subject matter, technique, color, lighting depicted plus all other aspects of the painting are dictated not by what the painter's talent produces but by what the artist thinks will please his or her public. Nothing wrong with that - in fact it is the focused path to sales. But is it actually art? Granted, it is decoration but to me art is purer than a desire to make a buck. Most of you would consider me dead wrong here...but... think about it.

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