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2016, Hunting is history

Saturday, April 30, 2016, it was my pleasure to be a finalist in the prestigious Hunting Prize competition and exhibition. 1,700 artists from Texas submitted their 2-deminsional works, 124 were selected by judges as finalist and one, an artist from Houston, won the $50,000.00 prize. I did not win. I do not even know if I was close. I have my own opinion now that the Hunting released images of all the finalists. If you are interested, search 2016 Hunting Prize finalists to view a collection of outstanding artworks and form your own opinion. But that is not my subject of this blog.

The Hunting Prize exhibition was by far the largest, the most prestigious, the most opulent, the most well organized and the most impressive exhibit of current art that I have ever experienced. With this blog article, I am sharing some photographs that took, snapshots by a barely adequate photographer of a beautiful occurence. In fact, I believe the pictures speak better than words. Thank you Hunting Oil Company.

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