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Finalist for the 2016 Hunting

I was very pleased to be notified that one of my paintings, “Experienced Hatter,” is a finalist in the 2016 Hunting Art Prize competition. This prestigious competition features a $50,000.00 prize and is sponsored by the Hunting Oil Company of Houston, Texas. The finalists exhibit in Houston and final judging is accomplished from original paintings culminating in an award gala April 30, 2016.

This 6' x 5' oil painting was inspired by a visit to Peter's Hat Company in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Few places have I visited where the atmosphere of craftsmanship, tradition and professional pride in the creation process were so evident. It felt as if I had physically entered the art oil painting process but in another medium, hand-made hats. Visually, the shop was stunning, crammed with objects that danced with shape and color. It demanded a painting and I am proud the results are attracting attention.

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