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Thank you Maryland Federation of Art

My appreciation is extended to Maryland Federation of Art's 5th Annual Strokes of Genius exhibit juror, Joann Moser of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, who included two of my paintings, Pier at Fulton and Rio Grande River Near St. Elena Canyon (shown below) in its 58 paintings exhibition October 31-November 21 at MFA Circle Gallery,18 State Circle, Annapolis MD.

I invite all of you that follow my work to attend the exhibit if you are in the Washington D.C., Baltimore or Annapolis areas during the month of November. It is my plan to be on-site Sunday, November 8th and Monday, November 9th to personally meet as many of you as is possible. It is my pleasure to be included in this national prestigious exhibit and I thank the Maryland Federation of Art, its staff and juror Joann Moser as well as the MFA Circle Gallery and its staff for their hard work with this event.

Thank you.

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